Screen and Prevent


PreDiabetes Atlanta offers extensive blood screening to identify type 2 diabetes in its earliest stages – before the condition progresses to dangerous levels. Though symptoms are often invisible, prediabetes can cause serious long-term damage to your heart, blood vessels, pancreas, kidneys and nerves – even before the disease progresses to type 2 diabetes.
Our blood tests include fasting blood glucose, hemoglobin A1c, C-peptide, insulin, high-sensitivity C-reactive protein, thyroid hormones, LDL cholesterol, and other biomarkers to get a complete picture of your health.
In addition to the screening, you will receive a complimentary consultation with our PreDiabetesAtlanta physician.


 PreDiabetes Atlanta offers a customized 12-month treatment program to fit your individual goals and needs. We use state-of-the-art body monitoring, health coaching, nutritional supplements, personalized fitness, sleep hygiene support, hormone optimization, an advanced nutrition plan and medication when necessary to boost metabolic health.  We also use quarterly biomarker screening to monitor your health and customize the treatment plan to fit your health needs.

PreDiabetes Atlanta vs. a general medical doctor


  • The PreDiabetes Atlantateam specializes in Prediabetes.
  • Focus is on early detection and treatment is customized to STOP Prediabetes BEFORE it progresses to diabetes.
  • Greater ability to screen for Prediabetes and insulin resistance, because of our advanced blood tests.
  • Cost of initial consultation is free.​
  • Multiple encounters withPreDiabetes Atlanta health coach.
  • Six face-to-face visits with PreDiabetesAtlanta physician.
  • Private fitness assessment with goal-setting.
  • Advanced nutrition education with personal health coach.
  • Group meetings for support and education on relevant Prediabetes topics.
  • We are a CDC Diabetes Prevention Recognized Program.

Why is this important?

The CDC says, "There is still a critical need to increase awareness of Prediabetes —84.1 million US adults have pre diabetes  and 90% of them don’t even know it. In order to have the greatest collective impact, DDT partnered with the Ad Council, American Diabetes Association, and American Medical Association to develop the multi-year public service campaign.​"

National Prediabetes Prevention Campaign

  • "The positive message behind the campaign is that Prediabetes can often be reversed by making everyday lifestyle changes. Diagnosis is key, as research shows that people who are aware of their condition are more likely to make the necessary long-term lifestyle changes that can help delay or prevent type 2 diabetes. This includes losing weight and adopting new habits such as healthy eating and physical activity. Prediabetes can be a health wake-up call for many.
  • The campaign will include a special radio PSA featuring NBA player Julius Randle. Randle, whose mother has type 2 diabetes, discusses simple, actionable steps to help reverse Prediabetes and avoid the kind of scare he experienced when an unexpected diagnosis of type 2 diabetes impacted his family. 
  • The ADA, AMA, and CDC are also working with their local offices, affiliates, and partners to promote the campaign in their communities, with evidence-based materials to aid physicians and other health care providers in the screening, diagnosis, and treatment process."~CDC